48 x 12 = 576 Rules of the Game 48 x 12 = 576   

  • As is the case for all other lists, the "Honor System" applies.
  • The Grid (48 x 12) abides by the original 'Underhill' rules for the bagging of official peaks on the various 4000 footer lists.
  • An official peak is a peak that is counted once on a hike from the beginning trailhead to the finish trailhead. Even though it may be passed over more than once in the course of the hike, it should be counted only once.
  • On a backpack trip, a peak can be counted once only. Unless of course, the backpacker goes all the way down to a legal vehicle trailhead, and turns around, and goes back. Or, goes back, via another legal vehicle trailhead and trail.
  • On a backpack trip, the date the summit is touched, on the initial pass over, is the "OFFICIAL" summit date.
  • During the process of bagging peaks we expect all hikers to obey and observe all laws, rules, and regulations of all local, state, and federal governments, and their entities ( agencies, parks, etc. )