Bill Bowden/Joe Kuzneski Annual Memorial Scholarship

Award:  Full tuition refund for one individual to an AMC Mountain Leadership School workshop and course.   Or, a SOLO First Aid workshop and course. Participant then becomes an "outdoor activity" leader for "any" organization that sponsors outdoor recreation ( e.g. AMC, Boy & Girl Scouts, 4H, Boy's & Girls's Clubs, Meetup groups, university outdoor clubs, etc. etc. ). Refund made retroactively after completion of the above criteria.      
Rules:   Award will be made to a prior year completer of the "Grid" hiking journey.  Or, a prior year completer of the "Red-lining" of all the trails in the AMC NH White Mountain Trail Guide. 

If more than one applicant, name will be drawn from the group of applicants.

If an award is not given for a given year, a donation will be made to Baxter State Park in the memory of Bill Bowden & Joe Kuzneski.      

Application:  Send to Ed Hawkins at below address after completion of the "Grid" or "Red-lining" Journeys.   Include your intentions to attend an AMC Mountain Leadership School or a SOLO First Aid school.  Your name will be drawn the following year.                                  

Ed Hawkins
196 Old Chester Turnpike
Chester, NH 03036

Note:  The scholarships will be awarded annually beginning in 2017.            

Finishers of the "Grid" or "Red-lining" in 2016 are eligible for the drawing.

All applications to be submitted by March 15, of the year following the completion of your "Grid"
or "Red-lining" Journey.  Notification to the winning applicant to be made shortly thereafter.

We recognize that there are several options available for the recipient of this award. Both at SOLO First Aid or at an AMC Mountain Leadership School.

To make it equal for all, now and in the future, we will set a $500 limit for tuition only ( no room & board ), for any offered course the recipient might choose.

Bottom line: Full tuition refund for any program costing less than $500. Or, $500 towards a more expensive course.

YearAward Recipient
 2016  Zachary Porter