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  • Q:  What is The Grid?
  • A:  The idea of The Grid is to encourage hikers to visit the 48 White Mountain 4000 footers at different times during the year. To complete The Grid, the hiker must hike each of the 48 peaks in each of the 12 months of the year. This is an enormous challenge that may take anywhere from a few years to many years to accomplish.

  • Q:  Who was the first to complete The Grid?
  • A:  The first person to complete The Grid has asked not to be mentioned. The second person to complete The Grid was Ed Hawkins.

  • Q:  Who was the first woman to complete The Grid?
  • A:  Sue Johnston

  • Q:  Has anyone completed The Grid more than once?
  • A:  Yes, to view a list of multiple finishers click here.

  • Q:  How do I become a finisher?
  • A:   Complete each of the peaks during each calendar month, fill out the application on this website, and mail the application to Ed Hawkins.

  • Q:  Can I bag more than one peak per hike?
  • A:  Yes. Although the Trailwrights list limits one peak to one hike, The Grid does not, nor does the AMC for their recognition of completing any of their lists. We do, however, require that the hiker gets to each summit (and back) under his own power. Please do not count taking the cog railway, auto road, or gondalas to any summit as part of The Grid.

  • Q:  I'm working on The Grid but haven't completed it, can I get a patch?
  • A:  Sorry, the patches are only for those who have completed The Grid.

  • Q:  What is the "Grid Trust"?
  • A:  Established and in place, and self-funded, in perpetuity.  

    To provide a small bit of recognition to finishers of the lists on the "Grid" website.  All of which are considered to be lifetime journeys, not competitions.

    A portion of the trust, after tax annual income, will be used to maintain the "Grid" website and its functions.  And, to provide patches, scrolls, and certificates to finishers of the "Grid" and all associated lists, at no cost to the finishers. The "Grid Trust" will never charge fees or accept outside donations, and will remain independent and unaffiliated, from or with, any other outside organizations or government entities.

    Portions of the "Grid Trust", after tax annual income, will be donated to Baxter State Park, Salem NH Conservation Commission, Chester NH, Conservation Commission and the Pan Mass Challenge.  

  • Q:  Can I purchase additional patches or decals?
  • A:  Sorry.  Only one patch or decal per finisher of all lists.            

    Because the "Grid Trust" is set up to never charge fees and to never accept donations we can not  "sell" extra patches or decals.            

    However, if a person wears out his patch or decal. Please send to us the "remnants".   We will replace "Free of Charge".  

  • Q:  Two finishers on the same day?
  • A:  Both finishers are assigned the same "Order of Finish" number. The time of day of the finish is not considered.  

  • Q:  Photos & Profiles?
  • A:  We no longer do photos and profiles. All existing photos & profiles are "Grandfathered".
    The first ten "Grid" finishers ( Legacy Finishers ) are allowed to update their profiles & photos.  

  • Q:  Announcements?
  • A:  All announcements for "All" lists and "Unique" accomplishments for the "entire" year are made as one announcement "Every January".