Hike a 4K Every Calendar Day




Objective & Rules of the Game

The objective of the game is simple, hike at least one 4000 footer in the Northeast for each calendar day including February 29th. This is not meant to be accomplished in a single year but it certainly could be if you had the time.

The list of 115 acceptable peaks can be found at www.peakbagger.com Note: On this list, there are 4 peaks in the Adirondacks that have been determined to be under 4000 feet. Since the Adirondacks 46ers have kept these traditional peaks on their list those peaks will be accepted.

If you would like to accomplish this feat twice then the rules get a little more complicated. An individual is allowed to do two separate hikes on the same day. If you were to hike Tecumseh and Hale on the same day, this would count as two fours for that particular calendar day since they are separate hikes. If you were to hike North and South Kinsman, you can only count it once since it is only one hike. A separate hike is required for each official 4000 footer counted.

Although you are encouraged to explore as many of the 115 peaks as you are able, hiking all 115 is not required. If Mount Washington is your favorite peak you can hike it 366 times. You would qualify as a finisher as long as each of those hikes was on a different calendar day.