48 x 12 Laura Stewart
aka Lucky Laura
48 x 12   



Laura completed the Grid on Mount Carrigain on April 6, 2013

Here is a list of her other hiking accomplishments.

August 1984 Schafberg Peak to Winkl, Austria- 1st significant hike
June 1990 Berner Oberland, Switzerland- spent a week tramping in the Alps.
August 1992 Hiked Mt. Washington- 1st time hiking in White Mountains
January 1994 Backpacked in the Smoky Mountains and learned about the Appalachian Trail
3/29/95-8/25/95 Backpacked the 2158 mile Appalachian Trail-most enriching lifetime experience
10/8/1996 Completed NH/New England 4000 Footers - finished on Hale after Isolation in the morning.
10/9/1996 Climbed Scar Ridge with Karl Vornberger- 1st bushwack and swore my last.
9/19/1997 Finished a backpack of the 272 mile Long Trail in Vermont
6/2/97-5/30/98 Completed the Adirondack 4000 Footers. Finished on Seymour
6/10/1998 Completed the All Season Northeast 111- finished on Slide in the Catskills
6/12/1998 Moved to NH from Syracuse NY to be able to hike more
11/18/2000 Completed New England 100 Highest-Finished on Scar Ridge West with Karl Vornberger
8/28/02-9/11/02 Backpacked the 210 mile John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
9/11/2002 Climbed Mt. Whitney, California 14,505'
3/20/2004 Completed the NH Hundred Highest- finished on Stub Hill via skis and snow shoes
7/23/2004 Climbed Mt. St. Helens, Washington 8365'
7/27/2004 Climbed Mt. Rainier, Washington 14,409'
5/22/05-6/2/05 Attempted Denali in Alaska- reached 16,000'
12/26/04-2/11/06 Completed NH Winter 4000 Footers- finished on LaFayette
8/1/06-8/16/06 Two weeks backpacking in the Wind River Wilderness and the Tetons
12/31/06-3/16/08 Completed Adirondack Winter 4000 Footers- Finished on Seward with bloodied feet
8/10/08-8/22/08 Hiked the "Haute Route" - Chamonix, France->Zermatt, Switzerland
2/13/2010 Completed New England and Northeast 111 4000 Footers Winter Season on Hamlin Peak
4/6/2013 Completed the Grid with an April Carrigain "do-over". Started pursuit on 8/8/09


Profile last updated: April 17, 2013