48 x 12 Jeb Bradley 48 x 12   


Jeb completed the Grid on Mount Madison on January 14, 2015.

Jeb's Comments on The Grid

I have hiked for many years in the White Mountains and have been fortunate to have hiked in many other mountain ranges. I completed my first lap of the 48 4ks in November of 2004 just after the Red Sox won the World Series. In 2009 while working on my winter 4k list I was inspired by Rocket21 to think about the GRID and the more I hiked in the Whites the more I enjoyed it --- and started to believe the GRID was possible for me.

I could not have completed the hiking required for the GRID without the help and friendship of many many hikers. I thank you all for your inspiration, your knowledge about the White Mountains, your willingness to teach me how to plan and prepare for adverse conditions, your caution, your willingness to break trail, your willingness to go at my slow pace and most importantly your enduring friendship.

Completing the GRID is more than 576 checkmarks. Its journey that spills into the next hike, the next day and the anticipation of getting out with friends in these beautiful hills. My favorite hike is the next one!!       ~Jeb


Profile last updated: January 16, 2015